Your business’ boiler has a significant impact on the comfort of its employees and guests. It is important to ensure your unit is working optimally in order to have the most comfortable environment and affordable energy bills. Our team strives to optimize these units and keep your business warm, even in the coldest North Eastern nights with our boiler service.

Boiler Installation

When it comes time to replace your underperforming boiler or to add a new unit to newly constructed areas, you can trust SAM Mechanical to perform a quality, seamless installation. Our team has the technical background and training necessary to educate you on a variety of makes and models, allowing you to decide on the best fit for your unique business needs. If you find that our suggestions are not exactly what you are looking for, we also have custom design options available. Once you have decided which boiler best fits your needs and budget, SAM Mechanical will be happy to professionally install it. Our team of experienced and licensed technicians will ensure your unit is installed properly and that it is functioning optimally. We will work with you by going over the features and functions until you feel comfortable operating your new boiler system. We are always prepared to answer your questions and service your concerns.

Boiler Maintenance

Boilers are an important part of a building's function, and just like any major piece of equipment, boilers require regular maintenance. Most manufacturers recommend annual maintenance to make sure the unit is performing optimally. SAM Mechanical technicians begin each maintenance visit by collecting performance data and analyzing it. If any performance issues are found during the analysis, our team will address the issue and locate the cause of the malfunction. By implementing regular maintenance, we can help prevent the problem from becoming more serious and more expensive. The maintenance check will also include an evaluation of all electrical connections, replacement of any poor functioning connectors, assessment of emissions, measurement of feedwater quality, and of course, an overall detailed cleaning and inspection of the boiler unit. Once we have examined each of these aspects, we will explain our findings to you so that you feel confident with our services.

Boiler Repair

The SAM Mechanical team understands that in cold winter weather, your comfort depends on your boiler’s performance. We strive to provide prompt and affordable service as we know these repairs are unexpected and inconvenient. If your boiler is under performing or completely dysfunctional, we will find the root of the issue and ensure it is addressed. Our team is available 24/7 in order to make sure your emergencies are addressed no matter when they happen.

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