We understand that securing properly functioning chillers is critical to a safe and productive work environment. These refrigeration systems provide essential cooling for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Not only do chillers keep your equipment and machines running efficiently, they also support positive environmental regulations. The team at SAM Mechanical will provide you with the commercial chiller service that complies with HVAC cooling system standards and is properly designed and functioning optimally.

Chiller Installation

If you are in need of a new chiller because your current unit is showing signs of age and is requiring extensive repairs, or if your new construction space requires design/build HVAC services -- trust the SAM Mechanical team! Our team has the industry-specific expertise and education necessary to recommend products that will meet your business’ needs and budget. If your commercial refrigeration needs are extremely unique, we have design capabilities as well. We understand that not every customer is an HVAC expert, so we are happy to work with you to explain the differences in benefits, design, and functionality of each chiller that we recommend. Once we have chosen a unit, our expert team will work to install the unit without causing downtime and ensure it is performing correctly.

Chiller Maintenance

Manufacturers recommend regular service of refrigeration systems to ensure the unit is performing efficiently and to promptly address any repairs with the chiller. This maintenance visit includes an inspection of all connectors, measurement of refrigerant pressures, evaluation of refrigerant charges, and more. When issues are detected, our technicians will pinpoint the problem and make any necessary adjustments or repairs. Regularly addressing the "functional health" of chillers prevents costly issues such as overloaded motors, excessive power consumption, and unrepairable damage to compressors. Once we have completed the maintenance service, we will show you our work and make sure you understand the reason for each step.

Chiller Repair

We are proud to have certified and educated employees who can repair a variety of makes and models. If there are any necessary repairs, we will find their cause and make sure the problem is fully addressed rather than performing a quick fix. Our team members strive to perform these repairs at the most affordable rate because we realize these issues can be unexpected and inconvenient. We also know that some of these emergencies happen at inopportune times, and that's why we have team members available 24/7 to provide the fastest possible solution.

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