Cooling Towers

Many businesses keep their facilities comfortable by using water cooling towers. Commercial cooling towers installed and maintained by SAM Mechanical produce lower temperatures and humidity levels than traditional cooling systems. This makes them ideal for data centers that hold large computer servers that generate lots of heat but need to be dry. Cooling towers can help you control the temperature in your building and save you money.

Cooling Tower Installation

A cooling tower installed by SAM Mechanical allows your cooling system to exchange the heat from recirculating water. This cools chillers, air conditioners, and other essential equipment which means that your system will have the ability to operate more efficiently and create a more comfortable environment within your facility.

Cooling towers use water evaporation cooling. Water is pumped to the top of the tower, and it flows down metal flow plates to the cooling tower basin. As the water runs down the flow plates, air flows through the plates and over the water where it releases heat through water evaporation.

You can find cooling towers at facilities that perform a wide range of industrial activities, from energy production to chemical processing and everything in between. SAM Mechanical can help you improve an existing system or design and build a new system according to your business's unique needs.

Cooling Tower Maintenance

The trained technicians at SAM Mechanical can assist you with all your cooling tower maintenance needs. We have experience working with all varieties of cooling tower air conditioning systems, and we understand the importance of keeping your cooling tower operating at peak performance. Cooling towers are the core of a building's mechanical system, and if your tower is not maintained correctly, it could shut down your entire plant.

With SAM Mechanical maintenance services, your cooling tower will get regular professional attention which means you will see improved performance as well as an extended lifespan. Our team members begin the process by inspecting and treating the unit's water supply. Then, our technicians check the motor to ensure its proper performance. Once the motor is running correctly, our engineers investigate the fan to make sure each piece is intact. After each element is inspected, our staff will clean the unit and ensure each nozzle, baffle, sump, and drain is free of corrosion and working properly.

Cooling Tower Repair

If your cooling tower has a malfunction anywhere in the system, the team at SAM Mechanical has the expertise to locate the breakdown and repair it efficiently, with expert precision. We oversee installation and regular maintenance of cooling towers, so we are well equipped to handle repairs to your existing system. We offer creative solutions that allow us to repair system components that are in difficult to reach locations such as rooftop units where crane picks are often costly.

If you are looking for the right partner to provide you with professional and effective solutions for your cooling tower, look no further than SAM Mechanical. We understand that downtime is a costly issue to your business and we pledge to get you back, up, and running quickly and with minimum expense. Our commitment to providing excellent service and your total satisfaction guarantee make us the top choice for all of your cooling tower repairs, cooling tower maintenance, and cooling tower installation needs. And with over 25 years of experience, SAM Mechanical has had the privilege of working with many unique companies just like yours to provide them with more efficient cooling systems.

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