Duct Replacement & Upgrades

Do you have high utility bills or poor indoor air quality? SAM Mechanical will help you replace or upgrade your old ductwork to improve your work environment.

Commercial buildings use a series of sectioned conduits or tubes which move air through the building. This structure of tubes is called ductwork. In a forced air system, these ducts are essential to cooling or heating a building and controlling the temperature inside. Usually made from tin, sheet metal, fiberglass, or flexible plastic, this maze of ducts needs to be checked and monitored to ensure proper temperature transfer. If neglected, there is the susceptibility to having an overworked HVAC system and higher energy bills.

How can you take care of your duct work and know when you need a duct replacement? We can help you with that decision.

  1. Old Ductwork – Duct work that has been in a building for over 10 years has experienced wear and tear. Using your HVAC system day in and day out slowly deteriorates the ducts and could cause issues in heating and cooling. Key issues like pests, gaps in connections, or even fully collapsed sections of ducts, should be fixed before they happen. Feeling drafts or stuffy areas could mean one of these issues has already started to compromise your ductwork.
  1. High Utility Bills – If you notice an uptick in your utility bills, your ductwork may be to blame. Leaks in the ducts can cause more air to be used to accommodate the temperature you desire. When this happens, summer or winter, your energy bill will rise to reflect the excessive use.
  1. Poor Indoor Air Quality – The gaps that are causing the higher utility bills can also cause dust, pollen, and other pollutants to bypass the HVAC system’s filter and wreak havoc in your building. Allergy sufferers will see a change in health problems like stuffy noses, runny eyes, and difficulty breathing. Mold is another nasty pest that can take hold in your building.

Your ductwork is essential to a comfortable work environment for your business and employees. Taking care of damaged ducts will save you money on energy bills and keep your building running efficiently. Whether you are looking for ductwork installation or duct replacement, SAM Mechanical can help you find the best option for your business’s unique needs and budget.

Looking for a trusted HVAC or plumbing contractor? See how Sam Mechanical’s team can make your life easier and save you money.

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