Keep it comfortable indoors with a commercial humidifier.


Humidity describes how much moisture is in the air and it has a direct effect on the condition of the indoor environment, the operation of equipment, the respiratory health of occupants, and individual comfort. Cold Northeastern winters lead to drier air indoors as heaters and furnaces are working overtime to keep a comfortable indoor environment. Commercial humidifiers keep the indoor humidity at 30-50% which is the optimal range for equipment and humans.


Humidifier Installation

SAM Mechanical can install the perfect humidifier system to improve the air quality for your home or business, and there are many reasons why you should take advantage of our expertise.


If your current humidifier is in need of a replacement or you are ready to add one to your existing HVAC system, trust the SAM Mechanical team to provide quality installations. We are well versed in the different types of humidifiers available and will explain the features and benefits of each possible unit. We are a certified dealer of the popular Humidex humidifier units. Our experienced technicians will work with you to choose the right unit for your home or business and will install it right the first time. Once the unit is installed, we will double check to make sure everything is working properly.


When your humidifier is installed by SAM Mechanical, you will instantly see the benefits of better air quality in the comfort of your employees, the protection of your equipment and assets, and lower energy costs..


Humidifier Maintenance

Both new and aging units require scheduled maintenance to perform to their ultimate capabilities, and you can trust the professionals at SAM Mechanical to provide thorough routine service. They also need to be regularly cleaned to prevent the buildup of bacteria and mold. Our team members will check drain lines, completely clean the unit and filters, ensure electrical connections are tight, and test the unit’s controls. We handle all ranges of equipment from warm mist humidifiers to evaporative humidifiers.


Regular maintenance by a trained professional will guarantee that your humidifier is operating at its peak level and will prolong the lifespan of your unit. If any issues are detected during this inspection, they will be addressed immediately, and so they don’t lead to more extensive service.


Humidifier Repair

Trust the task of repairing your leaky, noisy, or underperforming humidifier to our experienced and innovative team at SAM Mechanical. We have worked with a variety of makes and models, and we can provide superior humidifier service to your home or business. Our technicians are trained to find the root of any issue and to address them thoroughly to prevent reoccurrence. Also, because we know that these issues can be unexpected and inconvenient, we will find the most cost-effective solution and repair rather than replace whenever possible to save you money.

Looking for a trusted HVAC or plumbing contractor? See how Sam Mechanical’s team can make your life easier and save you money.

A commercial humidifier isn’t just an empty expense; it is a critical component of a quality HVAC system. Trust the SAM Mechanical team to keep your humidifier unit performing optimally and extend its lifespan. Contact Us Today
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