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Proper building ventilation is critical to providing a clean, healthy environment to your employees, customers and visitors. Your commercial ventilation system works in tandem with your heating and air conditioning systems to not only make sure your rooms are at a comfortable temperature, but that the breathable air is clean and free of particulates, dust, and germs.


If your building feels stuffy, if your business has a lot of foot traffic or open doors and windows, or if your heating and cooling systems just don’t seem to be keeping up, it is possible that your ventilation system isn’t working as it should. An obstructed or underperforming HVAC system is inefficient, costs more to run, and can result in the buildup of mold and mildew in your vents.


Ventilation Installation

SAM Mechanical has the experience and attention to detail necessary to design and install a successful HVAC system. Our team members aim to give your business a more efficient and cost-effective environment. This includes designing a tightly constructed system which will produce minimal leaks and ventilate your space properly. We offer a variety of systems to fulfill the application’s specific needs, including paint booth ventilation and fresh air intakes.

Ventilation Maintenance

It is critical to the lifespan and performance of your unit that your business implements an annual maintenance program. During these maintenance visits, stale indoor air and moisture are removed from the system. This ensures your facility's air ducts have the proper air flow and that the air is high quality. Also, fans are cleaned in order to improve their performance and reduce the amount of noise they produce. SAM Mechanical has experience in working with exhaust systems of all types, including pharmaceutical, industrial, and institutional; you can rest assured that your unit will be properly cared for regardless of the make or model.

Ventilation Repairs

Because we are a family-owned business, you can trust that our team members will keep your best interest in mind and try to repair rather than replace whenever possible. Also, because we know these issues are often unexpected and inconvenient, we strive to address these problems as soon as possible. We will find the root of the issue rather than offer a “quick fix,” so you can feel confident that the problem is completely resolved. If more extensive work is necessary, we will obtain your approval first and keep you informed of your options.

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If you need a new commercial ventilation system to replace your aging and underperforming unit or to accommodate new construction, trust the SAM Mechanical team! No matter what your systems’ make, model, or age, SAM Mechanical will help! Trust us to ensure your system is performing to the best of its ability. Contact Us Today
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