Wastewater Evaporators

A time-tested method for reducing water waste, the advantages of wastewater evaporators far outweigh those of other wastewater methods. Wastewater evaporators are great solutions for businesses that are seeking alternatives to the expensive and time-consuming process of treating and disposing of wastewater. These solutions require little to no use of chemicals; eliminate foul odor related to sludge production; are easy to operate and maneuver; and eliminate the need for transportation to landfills. The experts at SAM Mechanical can help you explore the many economical and efficient options available today in wastewater disposal and water treatment systems.


We strive to repair rather than replace wastewater evaporators whenever possible, but new units are typically more efficient and affordable. You can trust the SAM Mechanical team to properly assess your waste stream and make the appropriate recommendations. If your current wastewater equipment is in need of replacement or you are implementing a new system, our experienced technicians will walk you through the benefits of each unit and work with you to find the best solution for your unique wastewater treatment challenges. Once we have installed the evaporator unit, we will ensure its proper performance and thoroughly instruct you on its controls.


To ensure your continued satisfaction, we will service the wastewater unit according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. These service visits allow the technicians to clean and inspect the machine and address any necessary repairs before they cause more damage. The end result will be a unit that produces zero liquid discharge and eliminates the need for discharge permits and regulations. Our team is one of the premier water treatment companies and is here to support you from start-up through the life of the evaporator machine.


No matter how high quality your wastewater evaporator is, it might require occasional repairs. Our team is well versed in working with a variety of makes and models to better serve a wide variety of clients. Additionally, we are available 24/7 to accommodate busy schedules and emergencies. As a family owned business, you can rest assured that SAM Mechanical will work to find you the most affordable and long-lasting solution, rather than performing a “quick fix.” Call today to get more information on our environmentally friendly wastewater evaporators.

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