Building Pressure Studies

The control of air flow and pressure throughout your building is extremely important.

Controlling moisture, reducing energy costs, and helping to keep your building clean and healthy, are just a few factors that your buildings pressure helps contribute to. Without control of airflow, untreated air can leak into your building when indoor pressure is less than outside. Excessive negative pressures may cause problems, such as uncomfortable drafts and may interfere with the temperature inside of the building.


Your buildings indoor air quality is important, and when it comes down to it, our expert opinion is always the safest place to start.

Forces That Affect Pressure

There are three primary sources in which generate pressure differences throughout buildings:

  • Wind: The indoor air pressure of a building may increase or decrease with wind speed, which creates more air leakage.
  • Weightlessness/ Stack Effect: In winter, the warm air inside your building rises. This creates pressure at the top of your building, pushing hot air out and sucking cold air to the bottom. In the summer it is the opposite effect. Stack effect can cause comfort for employees, moisture damage, and energy loss.
  • Air Handling Equipment: Fans and blowers help to move air throughout your building. However, by doing so they can create large pressures. If more air is used throughout a building than supplied, negative pressure occurs. For example: bathroom exhaust fans, dryers, built-in vacuum cleaners, and range hoods all exhaust air from a building, creating negative pressures.

Why Should You Hire SAM Mechanical?

Most negative air pressure problems that we fix are simple: repairing ducts, adjusting fan motors, etc. You can trust our reputable team to properly fix your pressure problems. If you are interested in hearing more about how we can help reduce your energy costs and keep your building safe from harmful pressures, give us a call today to get started!

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