Central Plant Retrofit

Retrofitting a central energy plant will decrease your expenditure on energy!

In today’s modern world, we are all aware of how our behavior effects the health of the environment. With that being said, it is crucial to minimize our global foot print and start using more natural energy consumption. One way that large businesses can contribute is by utilizing Central Plants. Central plant systems are typically used in campus style environments, with multiple buildings that are heated or cooled from one central plant source. These energy sources are typically tucked away from public sight, working as a single system rather than a multi component control system.


Retrofit Benefits

Central Plants can significantly reduce the amount of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions compared to a coal-fired heat plant. Combining the benefits of energy efficiency upgrades to older existing units provides financial, operational, and environmental benefits, including:
• Enhanced energy security
• Increased capacity needs
• Incorporate sustainable solutions
• Minimize carbon footprint
• Reduce operating cost


Controlling Your System

To many, controlling a Central Energy Plant (CEP) seems difficult. However, it can be a super simple task. The most important aspect is to just keep an eye on the control system and chiller. Small changes of the chiller or plant can create the biggest saving in energy, but if you don’t have sensors monitoring the various temperatures, amperage and pressures, you won’t see the amount of energy savings you should because of lack of control in your system.

Last year the global emissions of CO2 rose again by 2%!

Scientists project it will be a record of 37-billion metric tons.

Why Choose SAM Mechanical?

SAM Mechanical has the capability to build a central plant system, which provides power, heating and/or cooling to your building. We provide flexible packages to optimize your performance and know how to reach the highest potential in central plant chiller efficiency. The SAM Mechanical team are your air quality experts. Give us a call to start saving money and energy consumption today!

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