Performance Energy Audits

$400 Billion: the combined annual energy costs for U.S. commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Get a business energy audit today to see how much you can save.

Do You Know Your Building’s Energy Asset Score?

The U.S. Department of Energy developed the Asset Score as a standardized tool for assessing the physical and structural energy efficiency of commercial buildings. SAM Mechanical’s trained technicians can help you generate your Asset Score by conducting performance-based energy audits. Benchmarking your building’s energy consumption is important because it requires identifying where and when your energy is depleted. Once we have established this baseline, we can implement specific energy performance goals and incentives that focus on driving down your energy consumption and related costs.

Commercial and industrial spaces use an enormous amount of energy because of the nature of the facility’s design. Consider the following energy expenditures within a commercial site: space heating, lighting, refrigeration, ventilation, cooling, cooking, water heating, computing, office equipment. As a business owner, it’s imperative that you understand your building’s analytics, and the experts at SAM Mechanical can assist you with this process. It’s a win-win solution: you save money and Earth saves a carbon footprint! Our team of certified technicians can help you and your business step into the “know” when it comes to your building’s energy consumption.

Our certified technicians are trained in various methods of auditing equipment, such as thermography and ultrasonic testing. The experts at SAM Mechanical work with multiple energy firms providing installation and consulting services.

Commercial Energy Audit

If you think your commercial or industrial building’s energy use is affecting your ROI, a performance energy audit by one of our specialists can help to drastically reduce this financial drain. First, we will gather valuable data/information on the energy consumption in your space. We use innovative tools such as topography and ultrasonic testing to obtain actionable analytics. Once we determine the energy losses with an industrial energy audit, we will help your team develop an energy performance goal(s) specific to your building type and environment.

As buildings change function or physicality, their energy needs will change as well. These modifications will have a significant impact on the mechanical, electrical, and control systems that occupy the facility. SAM Mechanical offers retro-commissioning as a way to upgrade an existing building’s equipment and systems. Retro-commissioning systematically evaluates the building’s energy use so that improvements can be made accordingly. Many times these implementations to operations or control systems are small in comparison to the money and energy your business will save.

In addition to these energy efficient measures SAM Mechanical can install, we regularly offer rebates. We are committed to saving our clients money and providing them with expert workmanship. Call us to today to get your performance energy audit started!

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