Steam Trap Surveys

The purchase of your building’s steam trap was a big investment, and it should be treated as such with a steam trap survey.

Steam Trap Testing

Your business’ employees and guests depend on the performance of your steam system to remain comfortable indoors during cold New Hampshire winters. A critical part of these systems is the steam trap, which discharges condensates without releasing steam. Our team wants to help ensure this unit is performing to its fullest potential and is achieving its longest possible lifespan. Replacements and repairs will cost you time and money; that’s why we offer steam trap testing services to ensure these machines are operating efficiently and you are receiving the most benefits.

A change in temperature could negatively affect a steam trap’s performance. In worst case scenarios, the malfunction of these traps can lead to water reaching the impeller and cause a failure of the entire pump. Testing these systems prevents small issues that could lead to such significant damage. Our experienced technicians use a variety of tools — including ultrasound and infrared technology — during their steam survey to ensure they are inspecting every element of the unit. SAM Mechanical technicians are certified by Spirax Sarco for steam trap testing, auditing, and system evaluations.

Our team performs thorough steam trap inspections to detect any issues with the performance of your steam system.

Steam Trap Types

You can rest assured that we are well versed in the various steam trap types, including inverted bucket, float, and thermostatic. Once we have performed the audit, we will make repairs as necessary. If the repairs are extensive, we might recommend a steam trap replacement. In that case, we will recommend new traps based on the unique needs of your business and work with you to make a decision. Our goal is to find the most cost-effective, long-lasting solution and to keep our customers involved with every decision.

If you are seeking a professional team to ensure the success of your steam system, trust SAM Mechanical. We offer steam survey services that ensure proper performance, detect mechanical issues, and prolong system lifespans. Give us a call today to learn more about these services or to schedule the inspection of your unit!

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