Gas Fired Boiler Installation Fitchburg MA

Check out this recent boiler room build-out and installation performed in Fitchburg Ma.

The project that is viewed includes three Laars Might Term 3 gas fired boilers with a total firing rate of 1,750,000 BTUs. This is the heart of a water source heat pump system whereby water is constantly circulated using 3 Armstrong 25-hp pumps (primary, secondary and back up) which circulate low temperature, 80 degree water throughout the building which in turn produces heating and cooling to the individual units and commercial space independently at the individual tenant’s desired output. During the summer months these boilers are bypassed and decommissioned for the summer. Water is then diverted to the outside cooling systems where once again we are circulating water in a constant flow through the two Evapco cooling towers which in turn continue to produce 80 degree water enabling the individual tenants to produce cooling during these warm months. Other items viewed in the picture include Armstrong expansion systems and high pressure gas systems.

The boilers are controlled using two Tekmar boiler controllers which has a 4-stage DHW set point and control. The cooling towers are also controlled by a Tekmar 152 2-stage set point system.

There is a total of approximately 198 water source heat pumps throughout the facility which again are independently able to cool or heat during any time of year.

The boiler room at this location was laid out and constructed by Anthony Marcello, Foreman for SAM Mechanical Services, LLC.

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