How to Choose a Commercial Mechanical Contractor

A commercial contractor is easy to find. There are many companies and individuals that can install an HVAC system, or perform emergency repairs on a commercial refrigerator, but choosing the right one is not as obvious. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a commercial contractor to help you with a project.


Give yourself plenty of time to decide on a contractor

Start early. Expect a delay during every step from getting blueprints finished to getting permits, to actual delivery. This will also help you plan ahead for the inevitable downtime while the project is being completed.


Do you need a contractor?

Most commercial construction projects require a contractor’s license by law. Your project will need the appropriate building permits in order to begin construction and a certificate of occupancy. An experienced commercial contractor has done this before and knows how this process works. You might know what you need to have done, but a contractor will know the best way to do it. They can help you plan the new space and select the right equipment that accomplishes what you need to have done but does so according to your budget.


What is the scope of your project?

Before you can find the right contractor for your project, you should define what the goals of your project are. Based on the needs of your project the contractor will oversee all stages of the project including design, permitting, materials purchasing, code adherence, zoning regulations, workforce management, delivery, and testing. When you approach a contractor with what you need to have done, knowing what you want, when you want it is a good first step.


What are the contractor’s strengths?

Some companies are better at certain construction project than others. This may or may not be apparent during the bidding the process so when you find a company, make sure you do the homework on their background.


Are they properly licensed?

Most states require commercial contractors to be licensed and in many cases, bonded. Check online to make sure they have the right credentials before reaching out to them with your project idea. And after you do, it also helps to verify their insurance before they begin work.


Choose your contractor carefully

Regardless of credentials, or the scope of your project, make sure the company you choose to complete your project is someone you trust and feel comfortable working with. Even if the right contractor isn’t the lowest bid, when you choose the lowest bid, the savings aren’t always worth the end result.

A great place to start is with SAM Mechanical. Our contractors are experienced with many different kinds of commercial systems installation including:


  • Commercial HVAC
  • Commercial humidifiers
  • Commercial plumbing/piping
  • Energy recovery units
  • Wastewater evaporators
  • Cooling towers
  • Process piping
  • Building expansion
  • Large-scale pipefitting
  • Performance and energy efficiency audits
  • Pre-fabrication solutions

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