Humidex Dealer New Hampshire – Bright Future for SAM and Air Quality

SAM Mechanical has recently become familiar with an indoor air quality line of equipment known as Humidex. This new technology works on a “constant” maintenance of air quality and humidity, rather than being engaged when musty or stale / humid conditions apply.

By implementing an Ultra Efficient DC Drive Fan Motor (Humidex cost $0.35 a day to operate) this maintenance free air exchanger totally controls humidity, eliminates odors and works on the concept of constantly trickling or low flowing in fresh air and removing stale air and humidity. The effect is a constant fresh air maintenance of the home rather than knee jerk reactions from other equipment like a dehumidifier that can be costly to run and reactionary rather than proactive.

SAM Mechanical has recently applied for dealership status with Humidex and we look forward to offering this new line of equipment in a full turn key install fashion that will greatly improve air quality and humidity in the long term. We look forward to having this available to our customers for indoor air quality needs going forward.

Thank You

Steven April, President

SAM Mechanical Services, LLC

1181 Hooksett Road

Hooksett, NH 03106