The Laconia area was home to a village of Abenaki Indians until about 1761 when the first Europeans settled the area. The railroad came to the area in 1849 and the town of Laconia was incorporated in 1855, named after a development company that sold land during the colonial era. Laconia touches four major bodies of water including Lake Winnipesaukee, Winnisquam Lake. Now host to the annual New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival, the Laconia Multicultural festival, and the Laconia Motorcycle week, the area is a seat of culture in the New Hampshire lakes region.

Cutting-edge, affordable, and reliable. SAM Mechanical makes sure your heating and HVAC equipment can handle the worst weather.

Laconia Heating Preventative Maintenance

When a cold winter wind blows off Winnisquam Lake, your home should be able to keep out the cold, and retain the warmth. Regular, scheduled maintenance from SAM Mechanical will make sure your heating equipment is working at peak efficiency, even when running on needed overtime. Don’t let your heater go out when it is needed most, let SAM Mechanical keep it running at its best.

Laconia HVAC Repair

No need to fear those long, hot summer days when SAM Mechanical is providing regular HVAC maintenance. We will check your outdoor units, your ductwork, and your chiller unit to make sure they are all working together to keep you family cool during the dog days.

SAM Mechanical is Working for You!

Call us today and we can schedule a free consultation on your current HVAC and heating equipment. We can assess the remaining life of your equipment and give you tips on how you can prolong it so you get the most value from your investment.

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