Air Conditioning

Your home’s AC unit is critical to the comfort of your family and guests, and we strive to ensure this unit is performing optimally at all times. Our experienced team strives to provide complete residential air conditioning services to ensure our customers have the most efficient and highest performing units. These will not only ensure your comfort, but also the reliability and affordability of your energy bills.


Our team members realize that emergencies may require some big decisions to be made rapidly -- and replacing your home air conditioning unit could be one of those. That is why our team members provide detailed descriptions of each of our recommendations and work alongside you to help you choose the best fit. For all new installs, we come prepared and staffed accordingly in order to make the install as fast and easy as possible for the homeowner.

Residential Air Conditioning Service

It is critical to your unit’s performance that it is properly maintained. This maintenance should include cleaning of filters, unclogging of lines, and tightening of electrical connections. We provide residential air conditioning service that fully inspects these units, ensuring our customers are gaining optimal efficiency and prolonged lifecycles from their AC system. We pride ourselves in offering the lowest service rates around because we want our customers to receive the biggest return on their investments.


When your home air conditioning unit is in need of repairs, count on us. We understand that in most circumstances, downtime of these units can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. That is why our team is available 24/7. When we arrive, we are prepared and staffed for these services and aim to perform the service quickly. However, our team members don’t just perform quick-fixes: we find the root of each problem to ensure it won’t reoccur.

With SAM Mechanical, our team will not only help install a unit properly, but we will also take care of all repairs and maintenance. If you are facing an AC emergency or are ready to implement our other AC services, contact us today to get started!

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