Water Cooling Tower Service & Modification | Beverly Hospital/Womens Health Center | Beverly MA

Recently SAM Mechanical identified a water loop system at the Beverly Hospital / Women’s Health Center that had a continuous flow through the cooling tower even during the winter months. Although the cooling tower was shut down in terms of the fan running or spray water systems cooling the coils, the mere contact of heated water (during the winter time the same water loop is heated by a boiler system) during winter months through the cooling tower is a major waste of energy and what SAM considered to be a design flaw.



Steve April – Owner SAM Mechanical Services LLC






In addition this condition required glycol or antifreeze to be injected into the system and constantly maintained. The presence of glycol or antifreeze also creates an 8% reduction in heat transfer compared to regular straight water which along with the winter time contact of cold air with heater boiler water produces a substantial energy return to the Beverly hospital / Women’s Health facility in a most substantial way.

The project was completed over a weekend and the facility experienced no loss of services in terms of HVAC during their regular office hours.

All systems were recommissioned and the new piping additions now create a condition where water will no longer be circulated through the cooling tower and the cooling tower and associated above roof piping will be drained down / winterized without any glycol being required going further.

The net result is less than a three year payback. The job was substantially more challenging than what was originally expected and one of the owners (Steve April) took part in the installation.

“It was a good team of guys who worked many hours over the weekend to get this accomplished. Thank you to all involved.”

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