Commercial Heating

During cold Northeastern winters, your commercial heating units should be performing correctly. At SAM Mechanical, our experienced and certified team members ensure our customers can rely on their commercial heating systems.

Heating Installation

Whether your aging furnace, boiler, heat pump, or air handler needs to be replaced, or you’re seeking to heat your newly-constructed space, SAM Mechanical Services can help. As part of our comprehensive commercial heating solutions, we install high-quality heating units according to your building’s unique needs.

We’ll recommend energy-efficient units that are aligned with your budget. Because we value transparency, we’ll consult with you at every step and explain the differences and benefits of each of your options. Once installation is complete, we closely monitor performance to ensure the unit runs efficiently.

Our team specializes in working with radiant air and hot water systems. We’ve been exposed to various makes and models, so you can rest assured knowing our experts will perform the heating installation job correctly.

Heating Maintenance

Heating systems are complex, and for the best upkeep, these units need regular maintenance to ward against issues leading to malfunctions and system shutdowns, like:

  • Wiring – All connections in your commercial heating system should be tight and correct. A single short circuit or a faulty connection can be a costly repair and reduce the life of major components.
  • Air Filters – Your heating system also circulates clean air throughout your building. To maintain good air quality, invest in regular air filter and heat pump maintenance to keep your system’s filtration working at its peak, the air in your building free of dust and particles, and your building’s occupants comfortable.
  • Connections – Improper gas, hot water, or oil connections are a major fire hazard, and even small leaks are an issue since they can contribute to health problems. You should routinely check these elements and correct any problems immediately and adequately.
  • Controls – Proper control of your system ensures safe and efficient operation. It’s essential to check the starting cycle of your system to make sure the heating starts, operates, and shuts off properly and efficiently.

SAM Mechanical will provide routine maintenance services for your commercial heating system to reduce the risk of costly repairs down the road. During inspections, our technicians will ensure all performance metrics are met and address anything we detect. This will prevent issues from worsening and becoming a costly burden.

Heating Repair

When you need repairs or replacement, we’re here to help. Our technicians are well-versed in commercial heating, so no job is too great for us. When your system shuts down, our 24/7 customer service agents are on standby to get you the emergency services you need.

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