Facility Assessment Services

SAM Mechanical’s commercial energy audits and assessments highlight and eradicate shortcomings within your mechanical systems.

Stay Informed of Overall Performance With Our Meticulous Facility Assessments

As a building owner or facility manager, you understand the importance of maintaining high performance across all of your mechanical systems. A well-functioning facility is cost-effective, productive, and conducive to a positive work environment. But how can you know whether your facility is performing at the highest level? SAM Mechanical Services offers several facility assessment services that provide insight into the inner workings of your mechanical systems. We leverage this information to realize potential efficiencies, reduce operating costs, and eliminate unnecessary energy consumption within your facility.

Without a comprehensive facility assessment, you run the risk of running an inefficient facility. This substantially reduces your ROI, negatively impacts your bottom line, and creates potential risks for those working within your facility. For example, improper air pressure and ventilation can introduce dirty air into your facility and encourage the growth of mold and mildew. This lower indoor air quality can create or exacerbate respiratory problems for those in your facility. In addition, poor airflow makes your systems work harder, resulting in a higher monthly utility bill.

Reduce Energy Consumption With a Commercial Energy Audit

SAM Mechanical uses topographical and ultrasonic tools to identify energy losses within your facility. We then develop an actionable plan specific to the facility that allows you to eradicate energy loss within your mechanical, electrical, and control systems. This process sometimes involves retrofitting older equipment to make them more energy efficient. Although this seems like a small, inconsequential procedure, you’ll see significant increases in the amount of money and energy you save.

Maintain Flow and Quality With Our Building Air Pressure Tests

Wind speed, stack effects, and internal air equipment significantly affect the air pressure within your facility. These elements can create massive pressure differences within separate areas of your facility, resulting in air leaks, dirty air intake, and soaring utility costs. 

SAM Mechanical systematically tests all of your air equipment, such as air ducts, blower doors, and fan motors. Our methodical approach allows us to pinpoint shortcomings within your air heating, cooling, and ventilation systems so you can experience fresh, temperate air throughout the year.

Prevent System Breakdown With a Steam Trap Survey

Your steam system provides heat and power for your facility, so it must run efficiently. SAM Mechanical performs exhaustive steam trap surveys that uncover potential problems within your steam system and prevent them from becoming catastrophic. We use advanced ultrasound and infrared technology to find critical faults within your steam trap. Depending on the amount of wear and tear, we can repair or replace your steam trap without disrupting your operations.

Explore Our Comprehensive Commercial Services

At SAM Mechanical, we use our facility assessments to provide customized solutions for all of your commercial equipment, from your HVAC units to your internal plumbing system. We strive to opitimze your facility operations and provide you with peace of mind.

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