Steam Trap Repair Services

Maintain an efficient closed steam system with steam trap repair services from SAM Mechanical.

Eliminate System Inefficiencies With Steam Trap Troubleshooting

Steam traps are a critical component of your heating and cooling system that discharge condensate without releasing steam from your system. These mechanisms are essential during the harsh winter when every ounce of hot air is cherished. 

However, ongoing maintenance is often overlooked. Without proper care, these mechanisms become inefficient and cause energy costs to skyrocket. In the worst cases, trap failure can cause water to infiltrate the impeller, making the entire system fail.

SAM Mechanical Services is an industry-leading provider of steam trap repairs and troubleshooting. We understand the significance of your steam equipment as it relates to the rest of your heating and cooling system—our engineers are trained and certified to provide steam trap troubleshooting without disrupting critical systems and operations. Our comprehensive repair and maintenance services provide long-lasting solutions that keep your steam system running optimally throughout the year.

Proactive Steam Trap Maintenance Prevents System Failure

SAM Mechanical offers proactive testing that assesses your steam system for potential problems. Our engineers inspect your system for faults and critical failures using innovative tools like ultrasound and infrared technology. From there, we perform maintenance and steam trap repairs that prevent catastrophic breakdowns. If our proactive tests determine that your trap has failed or is close to it, we can recommend a steam trap replacement.

Signs You Need a Steam Trap Replacement

Because this steam equipment is a critical part of your heating and cooling system, you must ensure they consistently remain online and functional. Here are just a few ways to determine if you need steam trap replacement

  • Elevated utility bills
  • Leaking steam from vents and roofline
  • Steam buildup in condensate return lines
  • Over- or under-heating in a conditioned space
  • Water hammer in steam and condensate lines

No matter what issue comes up, you can turn to SAM Mechanical to promptly resolve your steam system problems.

Why SAM Mechanical Is the Steam Trap Repair and Maintenance Partner for Your Commercial Facility

At SAM Mechanical, we’re committed to providing superior steam trap repair services that keep your steam system running as efficiently as possible. Here’s how our steam trap repair services exceed those of our competitors:

Certified Technicians and Engineers

SAM Mechanical’s technicians are fully certified by Spirax Sarco for steam trap repairs, testing, and system evaluations. When you partner with SAM Mechanical for steam trap troubleshooting, you can be sure that you’re only ever receiving the highest quality maintenance services. Our technicians and engineers use their expertise to keep your trap functioning properly.

A Wide Range of Expertise

Our engineers are well-versed in a variety of steam equipment, such as inverted bucket, float, and thermostatic traps. We leverage our wide range of expertise to provide service for several industries—we provide service for healthcare, commercial, and food processing facilities. No matter your system’s equipment, we can provide you with expert services that prevent critical failure.

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