Steam Heating Systems

SAM Mechanical’s experts help you avoid sweating over heating issues.

Weather the Cold With SAM Mechanical’s Low and High-Pressure Steam Heating Solutions

New Hampshire has particularly brutal winters, as we’re nested in one of the United States’ coldest regions. When temperatures drop, heating emergencies are the last thing your business wants to deal with. Luckily, SAM Mechanical offers several solutions for steam heating systems, enabling your building to stay comfortable through the year.

Steam Heating System Installation Services

At SAM Mechanical, we’re a full-service provider who’s capable of handling any steam heating project, including equipment installations. With over two decades of experience, we have the knowledge and resources to make installing your new system a seamless part of the construction, renovation, or retrofitting process. Building owners and facility managers throughout New Hampshire partner with SAM Mechanical because they know we install cost-effective, energy-efficient steam heating systems built to last.

Proactive Maintenance for High and Low-Pressure Steam Heating Systems

SAM Mechanical offers preventative maintenance for both low and high-pressure steam heating systems. Every mechanical system experiences problems, and even minor issues, if left unchecked, can spiral into a system-wide issue that puts your steam heater out of service. 

That’s why our preventative maintenance packages focus on regular tune-ups, where our expert technicians:

  1. Assess your steam heating system
  2. Identify where it’s falling short
  3. Repair and replace inefficient parts

Consistently servicing your steam heating systems allows us to remediate potential issues and,  more importantly, extend the longevity of your equipment.

Assess Your Steam Heating System’s Performance With SAM Mechanical’s Steam Trap Surveys

Every year, your business depends on the performance of steam heating systems to keep your facility warm. For your system to work properly, the steam trap needs to be in good shape. This piece of equipment discharges condensation and pumps out liquid, allowing you to leverage steam power without flooding your unit. 

However, with constant use, your low or high-pressure steam traps begin to experience wear and tear. To make matters worse, neglecting maintenance could eventually cause your system to fail. Not only would this be an inconvenience for your office, but the price of repairs would likely send a ripple effect through your annual budget.

That’s why SAM Mechanical offers steam trap surveys, helping you avoid the above scenario. Our technicians are well-versed in every type of steam trap, including inverted bucket, float, and thermostatic. During the survey, our team looks for mechanical issues, making adjustments as needed to ensure proper performance.

Why Partner With SAM Mechanical?

Founded in the heart of New Hampshire, SAM Mechanical takes pride in keeping our local community comfortable. As a trusted choice for commercial building owners, we’re known for providing high-quality service at each turn of the customer experience. As a full-service provider, we’re your one-stop-shop for everything mechanical contracting. Our wide-range of solutions include:

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“I called (SAM Mechanical) on very short notice when my furnace suddenly and unexpectedly stopped working …They came out within hours, and had me back up and running quickly. I really appreciated the prompt service call to a new customer, it was much appreciated!” – Marianne S.

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