Industrial Exhaust System Services

SAM Mechanical has designed, engineered, built, installed, and serviced building exhaust systems for industrial facilities in New Hampshire for over 30 years.

Remove Air Contaminants With a Custom Designed Building Exhaust System

Virtually every industry faces contaminated air removal compliance standards and air quality regulations at their facilities. This makes a thoughtfully designed and expertly installed industrial exhaust system a critical component of maintaining sufficient indoor air quality levels in industrial environments. With over 30 years of experience in industrial exhaust system design, installation, repair, and maintenance, SAM Mechanical Services is your one-stop shop for all ventilation needs. 

Whether you have an older food processing facility that lacks a proper ventilation strategy or want to build a custom exhaust system at a new manufacturing plant, we align solutions with your objectives. SAM Mechanical offers flexible scheduling to minimize or eliminate downtime or disruptions and work with you to keep engineering and installation costs within your budget.

SAM Mechanical can couple industrial ventilation systems with fresh air make-up systems to improve air quality and guarantee compliance.

How Your Facility Benefits From a High-Performance Industrial Exhaust System

Industrial exhaust systems designed, built, and installed by SAM Mechanical provide several advantages to industrial facilities, most notably:

  • Cooler temperatures: An adequately executed building exhaust system removes hot, muggy air and draws in comfortable air. This results in significantly lower indoor temperatures that protect your staff and equipment from overheating.
  • Regulatory compliance: Depending on the industry you operate in and the particles, combustion gases, or fumes produced in your facility, your industrial exhaust system may need to meet strict safety standards. SAM Mechanical designs and constructs systems to meet specific regulatory requirements.
  • Enhanced indoor air quality: Exhaust piping and ventilation systems do more than keep temperatures comfortable and consistent. An industrial exhaust system crafted by SAM Mechanical frees your facility from dust, mold, gaseous elements, and other unwanted airborne contaminants. 
  • Improved health conditions: Stagnant air that’s not adequately moved throughout your building exhaust system to its final destination often causes illness or allergic reactions. SAM Mechanical is here to ensure seamless airflow at your facility that allows fresh outdoor air to replace unwanted humid or polluted air to maintain the health of safety of everyone at your plant.
  • Energy efficiency: Facilities in hot and cold climates leave their mechanical systems vulnerable to unnecessary wear and tear when they must continuously work to maintain a proper temperature. With the right industrial exhaust system design and routine maintenance from SAM Mechanical, you ensure your utility and operating costs are minimized by keeping your exhaust components running at peak efficiency and indoor air temperatures regulated.

SAM Mechanical Is More Than an Industrial Exhaust System Expert

Keeping comfortable, clean, and fresh outside air circulating through your industrial facility isn’t the only way SAM Mechanical can enhance your business. Our team has over three decades of hands-on experience designing, engineering, constructing, installing, and servicing various mechanical systems. 

We are your one-stop shop for all HVAC, plumbing, and mechanical needs, from piping to industrial controls. And our design-build services reduce costs, shorten turnaround times, and remove the stress of coordinating with multiple contractors. SAM Mechanical even offers rigging services to ensure your industrial ventilation system, compressed air equipment, and wastewater evaporators are safely and efficiently moved and installed.

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