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SAM Mechanical’s machine rigging focuses on safety and efficiency to ensure a smooth installation.

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Moving industrial machinery and equipment is no simple task. It requires numerous resources, experienced oversight, safety-first solutions, and specialty rigging equipment. Even just one mishap can cause significant damage and financial loss or have catastrophic consequences for workers. The good news is SAM Mechanical Services has over three decades of experience in mechanical contracting and industrial rigging services

Our highly qualified team ensures your most valuable mechanical assets are transported and installed in the safest and most efficient way possible. And we offer flexible scheduling to minimize or eliminate any downtime or disruptions. Our machine rigging services are available for client-supplied equipment and systems we design and construct for your facility. If you’re looking for rigging and machinery moving solutions for standard or heavy equipment at a fair price from a trusted local business, SAM Mechanical is the partner for you.

Your Source for Specialty Rigging Solutions

Specialized equipment, like the systems custom-designed by SAM Mechanical, often require specialized rigging solutions. If your industrial equipment is oddly shaped, extremely heavy, or doesn’t conform to standard lifting equipment, we can help. 

Whether it’s processing equipment at a food manufacturing plant or HVAC components for a distribution center, we ensure the safe relocation and installation of all components. SAM Mechanical’s team has vast equipment moving experience. This allows us to develop logistics plans to carefully dismantle, load, transport, and assemble your machinery through each project phase. 

Safety is at the forefront of all our industrial rigging services. We extensively train our team and keep them current on machine rigging standards and best practices. We have an unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety of our clients, employees, and anyone at your project site. When you choose SAM Mechanical as your equipment rigger, you’re choosing to protect your people, assets, and business interests. 

SAM Mechanical Is More Than a Machine Rigging Company

If you’re searching for an industrial rigging services provider, there’s a good chance you have other needs at your facility. Before you enlist our machine rigging services, we can also design, build, install, repair, and maintain compressed air equipment, wastewater evaporators, exhaust systems, or any other mechanical components at your facility. 

SAM Mechanical is a comprehensive provider that offers a wide range of industrial services, including:

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Whether you’re looking for design, engineering, or industrial rigging services, SAM Mechanical is your one-stop solution for all mechanical process equipment needs.

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