General Mechanical Services

SAM Mechanical provides custom engineering and contracting solutions.

Your One-Stop Shop for All General Mechanical Contracting Needs

Installing, retrofitting, or replacing an industrial facility’s process or mechanical systems requires a considerable investment in your business and can cause disruptions to operations. Adding to the inconveniences of these projects is having to juggle communications and scheduling between multiple contractors, engineers, and install teams. But when you choose SAM Mechanical Services for design-build or general mechanical contracting services, you have an experienced and certified engineering team to handle all phases of your project under a single contract. 

For over 30 years, we’ve designed, constructed, and installed reliable, high-performance mechanical and industrial HVAC and plumbing systems. Sam Mechanical crafts your equipment to the precise specifications of your operations to ensure optimal efficiency and effectiveness. And because we are a single-source general mechanical engineering contractor, we reduce project costs and timelines to ensure your solutions are delivered on time and within budget.

Systems We Design, Build, and Install

Industrial facilities require general mechanical engineering solutions that match their operations and requirements. SAM Mechanical has a proven track record of designing, building, and installing custom systems for various purposes, including:

  • Processed closed-loop cooling
  • Compressed air
  • Processed gasses
  • Chemical conveyance

The Benefits of Design-Build Engineering

One of the aspects of our business that sets us apart from other general mechanical contractors in New Hampshire is our design-build capabilities. Having SAM Mechanical as your comprehensive general mechanical engineering partner provides numerous advantages. One of the most attractive features is having a partner that offers complete accountability throughout your project.

Every member of our team working on your project collaborates with you to gain a clear vision for your project. Based on your long-term goals, requirements, daily operations, and many other factors, our design, engineering, and construction teams work together as a cohesive unit to craft a system that meets your needs. And you always have a single point of contact to ask questions or discuss new ideas with. 

The result is a precision-crafted mechanical system delivered with reduced costs and timeframes compared to sourcing multiple general mechanical contractors, designers, and builders.

Providing Comprehensive Engineering Services for Industrial Settings

Along with general mechanical and design-build services, SAM Mechanical offers numerous other solutions for many different needs, including:

  • Concrete Slabs for Heavy Equipment

    When installing heavy equipment and machinery, concrete slabs are often needed. That’s because concrete slabs for heavy equipment keep systems level and elevate compressors for consistent airflow. If a concrete slab is an ideal solution for your machinery, SAM Mechanical can provide you with the proper setup.

  • Steel Framing Systems

    Our general mechanical engineering services include designing, constructing, and installing steel framing systems. SAM Mechanical’s custom-crafted structural steel framing systems provide stability, durability, and integrity to keep your equipment at peak performance.

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